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Muslimah Network's GCSE English, Maths and Functional Skills course. The course is open to ALL - men & women, boys & girls - and is a distance learning (online) course powered by BKSB - the leading online GCSE solution provider in the UK. Our package includes dedicated tutor support by email, and (for women & girls only) optional bi-monthly face to face tuition at our tuition centre.

    Award Winning, Online GCSE Resources
  2. BKSB Functional Skills
    Essential Functional Skills Support
  3. GCSE Tuition
    In-house Tuition Support (women & girls only)

2017-18 ENROLMENT NOW CLOSED.  Open for late enrolments until 10/09/17

The Muslimah Network GCSE Package is powered by bksb; the award-winning, online GCSE system being used by many colleges in the UK.

About bksb learning resources:

87% of Further Education Colleges use bksb!

Your Step by Step route to GCSE success:

Step One:
Start with the online  GCSE Screener questionnaire to identify your current working level and find out whether to begin with Functional Skills or move straight to GCSEs.

Step Two:
Move onto courses in either Functional Skills or GCSE, initially completing a  Diagnostic Assessment for each course. This will provide you with a profile of your skills and areas for improvement.  An Individual Learning Plan will be created and personalised targets set for each course.

Step Three:
Use the bksb Learning Resources to support independent study, and - for our full package students - attend our fortnightly  Tutorial Sessions (women & girls only) to consolidate your learning. Whether you choose our full or online-only package, your tutor is always on hand via the bksb messaging system if you have any questions or need any help.

Step Four:
Follow your progress, which is continually assessed using bksb Skill Checks, preparing you for final GCSE assessment using award-winning body material.

Step Five:
Sit your GCSE exams.  Your tutor will support you with information about where you can sit these as a private candidate, inshaAllaah.


The Muslimah Network FULL GCSE English & Maths + Functional Skills package includes:

  • Online Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Tools
  • Interactive GCSE Maths & English Tuition Resources
  • Online Functional Skills Support & Assessment
  • Dedicated In-house Tuition & Email Support

So, how does our full package measure up compared to the leading choice for distance GCSE study: Oxford Home Schooling?​​​

  • Diagnostic Assessment(s)
  • Printed Course Material
  • Interactive Teaching Resources
  • Email Tutor Support
  • In-person Tutorial Sessions
  • Functional Skills Support
  • Total Cost (Maths & English)



(instalment option available)
Our GCSE package aims to be  MORE...

MORE affordable !

        MORE comprehensive !
MORE accessible !


Online Only - Maths (£120) | English (£120) | Both subjects (£200)
With the bksb online system, all teaching resources are online and fully interactive, making our course more accessible to learners of a wider range of abilities and levels. Your dedicated tutor(s) will be on hand for support via the bksb messaging system or email.

Online + In-House Tuition (Full) - Maths & English (£360)
Along with all of the above, your dedicated tutor will also provide classroom tuition at our tuition centre in Tooting twice a month. This option is currently available to women & girls only.

Both our online only and full package include Functional Skills support as standard - an essential requirement in today's classroom, supporting you as you prepare for GCSE level study.

Pay in one go , or pay a deposit  and then the rest in 6 monthly instalments.
Enrol  HERE for September 2017-18.


This GCSE course is online, with additional optional face to face tutor support for women and girls.
Male students will be allocated a male tutor for our online package only.
Enrolment is confirmed upon receipt of payment.

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