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About Us


Founded in 2001, Muslimah Network became a registered charity in 2003 and works to facilitate educational, vocational and recreational opportunities for Muslim women via halal routes that do not result in any compromise on our religious values.


We hope that our efforts in organising and providing training workshops, educational and social support and recreational services will help to substantially improve the quality of life for Muslim women and their children.


Our ultimate aim is to establish a Muslim Women’s recreation and resource centre as well as to create a database of local Muslim services and resources.


We are also liaising and developing links with other groups and organisations with similar aims, in order to help us achieve our goals.


Our charity director, Umm Faruq Jamilah, is a qualified nutritionist, herbalist, adult tutor & independent mental health professional with over 30 years’ experience.

Our charity supervisor, Abdul-Hakeem Mitchell (graduate, Madinah Islamic University), has worked with us offering insight, support and advice since 2015.

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