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Confidential | Non-judgmental | Person-centred


We provide a flexible, tailored approach to clients to meet their individual needs and to facilitate their desired outcome.

Our counselling service incorporates the following therapeutic approaches:

Person-centred therapy

Also known as person-centred or client-centred counselling. It’s a humanistic approach that deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously rather than how a counsellor can interpret their unconscious thoughts or ideas.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Which relates to a particular school of therapy, directed towards solving current problems and modifying dysfunctional thinking and behaviour.


Counselling consultation – up to 1 hour: £35

Counselling consultation – up to 1.5 hours: £45

Nutrition Service

Authentic | Appropriate | Confidential


Our nutrition assessment service comprises analysis of the signs and symptoms associated with each of the body’s systems. This initial analysis is followed up by a consultation, offering insight into nutritional deficiencies, and advice on diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. The overall aim of our nutrition assessment service is to help identify and address the root causes of ailments (not just manage symptoms).


Nutrition consultation (including assessment) – up to 1 hour: £30

Combined counselling and nutrition consultation – up to 2 hours: £50

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